"Wrestlemania" Roundup

Another "Wrestlemania" weekend has come and gone, and despite last night's SEVEN AND A HALF HOUR show . . . a two-hour pre-show, plus the five and a half hour main card . . . the real news happened Saturday night.

The night before"Wrestlemania", they always do their Hall of Fame induction ceremony. This year, the classic tag team THE HART FOUNDATION was one of the inductees.

Well, BRET HART was giving his speech along with the daughter of his late partner JIM "THE ANVIL" NEIDHART, when some idiot jumped into the ring and tackled them.

Of course, the audience was full of WRESTLERS, so the moron was quickly at the bottom of a pile, and eating LEGIT strikes. He was taken away, and the ceremony continued. 

As for"Wrestlemania 35"itself, you can check out all the results here. Here are some highlights:

MICHAEL CHE and COLIN JOST from "Saturday Night Live" took part in a battle royal, and were actually two of the last three guys in the ring. Sadly, the third was the Monster Among Men BRAUN STROMAN. He destroyed them.

There were some major title changes last night. SETH ROLLINS defeated BROCK LESNAR for the Universal Championship. Rumor has it Brock is headed back to the UFC, but that's not official.

KOFI KINGSTON defeated DANIEL BRYAN for the WWE Championship. It was Kofi's first crack at one of the major titles since he joined the company 11 years ago.

And BECKY LYNCH defeated RONDA ROUSEY and CHARLOTTE FLAIR to win both of the WWE's women's titles. Going into the match, Ronda was the Raw champ, and Charlotte was the Smackdown champ. Now Becky is both.

This was the first women's match to main event a"Wrestlemania"in history, and Ronda had JOAN JETT there for a LIVE performance of her entrance song,"Bad Reputation". Ronda also took a crazy fall outside the ring during the match.

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