The Best and Worst Days of the Week to Get Gas in All 50 States

If you follow their advice, they say the average driver can save about $30 a year. Which isn't much. But that's just the average. If you drive a lot, you'd save more. Here's what they found . . .

In general, the best days to buy gas are Monday and Tuesday. Especially Monday mornings, because they usually bump the prices up in the afternoon.

Monday is the cheapest day in 29 states, and Tuesday is the best day in 19 states. Hawaii is the only state where Wednesday is the cheapest day. And Sundays are the cheapest in Utah.

The WORST day to buy gas is Friday, because that's when gas stations bump their prices up to make more money off people leaving town for the weekend.

The study also found that Friday around 5:00 P.M. is the busiest time for gas stations. 

(USA Today)

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