Marijuana Has Gone Mainstream

Here's some SERIOUS evidence of how marijuana has gone mainstream. Even giant corporations are now celebrating 4/20.

If you don't know, April 20th is known as "4/20," the unofficial weed holiday. "420" became part of weed culture thanks to a group of stoners in California in the '70s who would meet at 4:20 P.M. every afternoon to smoke.

And this Saturday, some legit businesses are getting in on 4/20 . . .

1. Carl's Jr. is offering a cheeseburger at a location in Denver that's infused with CBD. (CBD is an oil that comes from hemp.)

2. Pizza Hut is targeting the stoner market by offering their Hershey's Triple Chocolate Brownies for $4.20 on Saturday. These AREN'T weed brownies.

3. Lyft is offering $4.20 off rides in several major cities.

4. And smaller restaurant chains including Condado Tacos, Wing Zone, Hopdoddy, SkinnyFats, and Dos Toros are also offering up 4/20 deals. 


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