Pot Smokers Less Likely To Be Fat…It's Science!

When you think of pot smoking, you tend to think of the “munchies.” When you think of the munchies, you think crap food…and THEN you think of substantial weight gain.Right?Not so. At least, not according a study published in the International Journal of Epidemiology.

Researchers followed 33-thousand participants over three years. During that time, every single person who took part put on weigh. Thing is? As a group, it was the pot smokers who put on the least amount of weight. Michigan State University’s Dr. Omayma Alshaarawy says that even the patients the just started toking were more likely to stay at a “normal” or “healthier” weight. In total, 15% of the pot-users could be called “obese,” as opposed to 20% of the non-smokers.

Researchers don’t know why, but one theory’s that cannabis might create “physical changes in your cells” that can impact your BMI. Another thought’s that there might be a form of munchie-paranoia, where the user is worried about putting on the weight due to snacking…so they make the conscious choice to snack less.

Either way, no one’s suggesting that pot should be considered a weight-loss supplement. Exercise, fruits and veggies, and less booze is a much more solid plan.

Source:International Journal of Epidemiology

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