Man Loses 44-Pounds Drinking Only Beer For Lent

Back in March, I told you about Army Veteran Del Hall. He’s the Cincinnati man who decided to go on an all-beer die for Lent. For over 40 days, the Fifty West Brewing Company employee drank nothing but craft beer… and lost 44-pounds in the process.

He’d always heard about the Bavarian monks in the 1600s, who gave up food for Lent and only drank a beer called “doppelbock” for their nutrients. So, after wondering if such a thing were possible, he decided to try it for himself. Hall also stresses that he was regularly checking in with his doctor to make sure he wasn’t hurting himself and documenting his progress and weight-loss on social media.

In total, he lived on nothing but craft beer for 46 days, making sure he spaced out his drinks so that he wasn’t constantly buzzed. Now he feels confident in saying that his diet during that time was far better than the “standard American diet,” and he’s ready to “battle against obesity.” To back that up, Hall says that after his fast his cholesterol, blood pressure, and overall health improved across the board. In his own words, Hall proudly exclaims, “Craft beer is the way to go!”

Source:Fox News

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