RANKED: Frozen Pizzas

In a pinch, there are few things as reliable and comforting as a quality frozen pizza. It’s always there when you need it but choosing the right one can be tricky with so many different options out there. To find the best, self-appointed pizza expert Andy Kryza took on his local frozen food section and took it upon himself to try 30 of them. Here’s how they ranked:

  • Home Run Inn –Better than you’d expect from a grocery store, by far.
  • Table5 Uncured Pepperoni –Helps redefine what frozen pizza can be.
  • Pizza Romana Pepperoni –Imported from Italy and found in finer stores.
  • DiGiorno –Makes an effort to be a “real” pizza.
  • Signature Select Rising Crust –The runniness on top’s the down side.
  • Outsiders Milwaukee-Style Pepperoni –Solid entry from the newcomer.
  • Freschetta –The only downside is the overpowering sauce.
  • Archer Farms Pepperoni & Three-Cheese Frozen Wood-Fired Crust Pizza –Can we do something about the long-ass name please?
  • Open Nature Four Cheese –The best cheese-blend on the list.
  • Screamin’ Sicilian Holy Pepperoni –The crust is actually foldable!
  • Newman’s Own Uncured Pepperoni –Great except for carboard-y crust.
  • California Pizza Kitchen Crispy Thin Crust –All the flourishes create the illusion of a better pizza.
  • Mama Cozzi’s Rising Crust –Would’ve been a game-changer 10 years ago.
  • Kirkland Signature Thin Crust –The greasiest of the bunch.
  • Wild Mike’s Ultimate Pepperoni –The crust can’t make up for the pepperoni.
  • Trader Giotto’s 4 Formaggi –“Stays with you for all the wrong reasons.”
  • Jack’s Original Thin Crust –Saltine crust and a “soupy” saucy.
  • Dr Oetker Virtuoso Pepperoni –Forgettable as you chew it.
  • Celeste Pizza For One –Easy to pass this one by.
  • Totino’s Party Pizza –If it’s 3am, and you’re at a bar…alone…heartbroken. Then, this is the pizza for you.

Rounding out the bottom of Andy’s list where: Red Baron, Market Pantry Pepperoni Pizza, O Organics, Amy’s Cheese Pizza, Tony’s, Tombstone Original, Sam’s Choice Thin Crust Pepperoni, Lean Cuisine Four Cheese, Simple Truth Organic Pepperoni, and…bringing up the rear…Whole Foods 365.


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