The World Video Game Hall of Fame just announced its newest inductees

The World Video Game Hall of Fame in Rochester, New York just announced its fifth class of inductees. And two of the headliners are games about killing: Either brutally killing people by ripping out their beating hearts . . . or killing time at work. Two of the four inductees this year are "Mortal Kombat". . . and "Microsoft Solitaire".

The other games going in are"Super Mario Kart", which is the first Mario Kart game and came out for Super Nintendo back in 1992 . . . and"Colossal Cave Adventure", which is a text-based computer game from 1976.

Some other games in the Hall of Fame from previous years are"Madden"football,"Donkey Kong","The Legend of Zelda","The Oregon Trail","Space Invaders","Super Mario Bros.","Pong", and "Tetris"

(Museum of Play)

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