Sharks As Big As Yachts Seen Off Coast Of California

Not sure how you would feel if a giant shark came swimming up next to you, but along the coast of California you might just see some of the largest sharks ever right now. 

A species of enormous shark, some as long as small yachts, have been frequently seen off the coast of Southern California after they were thought to have vanished decades ago. 

Apparently not, as basking sharks, which are often called "gentle giants" as they aren't aggressive and don't bite, have been seen swimming along the coast recently. You can see them with their mouths wide open and often near the surface, as they are filter feeders, consuming tiny food such as plankton. 

After whale sharks that can reach 60 feet long, basking sharks are the second-largest known shark species, growing to be 30 feet long. Because of the rarity of these animals, it is extremely difficult for researchers to tag or study them according to researchers. However, science is just really happy to know they are alive and well in the ocean. 


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