This Naked Bar in the UK Invites Tourists to Sip and Strip

The Coach & Horses, a historic Soho district pub, was recently granted a nudist license, giving its customers and bartenders permission to let it all hang out. The otherwise-very-traditional pub’s landlord, Alastair Choat, insists that it’s really not as weird as it sounds. “To be honest with you, when you do these things, after 10, 15, 20 minutes no one notices anymore,” Choat told CNN Travel. “It’s a bit like you go to a pub where there’s a band playing and you not very interested in it, after a while it’s just background music.” And really, any nudity at the bar will be limited to pre-planned events: “Obviously the team have to be comfortable with it,” he says. Choat is a big fan of public nudity, having previously put together a cheeky calendar so he could raise funds to ward off a brewery threatening to snatch his lease.

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