Five-Steps for Cutting in Line According to Science

Someone looked up a bunch of studies about line-cutting.  Here's the five-step process you need to remember if you want to successfully cut in line in front of someone . . . 

1.  Don't try it if the line is for something awesome.  A study in 2012 found we're much more likely to let someone cut if it's for something normal and boring . . . like a line for an ATM, or at the post office.  If it's for something cool, it's almost impossible.

 2.  Don't try to sneak in front of someone.  They'll confront you about it.  Then everyone else in line will gang up on you.  So your chances are much better if you ask.

 3.  Give them a reason.  It doesn't even have to be a great reason.  A study in the late '70s found your chances of getting a yes are much better if you use ANY excuse.  Even just saying you're running late works.

 4.  Just focus on the FIRST person in line.  Another study found that if THEY say it's okay, the people behind them probably won't say anything.  So you don't even want to get them involved.

 5.  As a last resort, try to bribe them with money.  A study in 2006 had people try it, and it usually worked.  And here's the best part.  Most of the people who let them cut didn't even take the money.  They let them go first, then refused to accept it.

Here's the link to the full story from The Atlantic

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