Running of the BALL!

There's a village in Spain called Mataelpino that had its own running of the bulls over the weekend . . . but there weren't any actual BULLS involved.  

Animal rights people hate the running of the bulls.  So the town's been doing a "cruelty free" version for a few years where they roll a giant 10-foot ball of resin down a hill, and people run from it.  Obviously they call it the "Running of the BALLS." 

But unfortunately two people in this year's Running of the Balls were SERIOUSLY INJURED.  One guy suffered three broken ribs and a concussion.  Apparently he's been released from the hospital, and he'll be okay.

 But another guy ended up with a FRACTURED SKULL when the ball pinned him against a barrier.  Doctors had to put him in an induced coma to save his life, and we haven't seen any other updates yet.

 Over 100 people were injured in the actual running of the bulls in Pamplona this year.  At least 16 were seriously hurt.  (Including a guy who got gored in the SCROTUM.)

 But thousands of people run in that one.  Only 700 took part in the BALL run this weekend.  And in over 100 years, only 15 people have died in the actual running of the bulls.  The last time was in 2009. 

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