Walmart Grocery Delivery

Apparently, Walmart thinks we all TRUST them way more than we actually do. Because they've got a new plan for grocery delivery that takes things WAY further than any of the other grocery delivery services out there:  They want to go into your house when you're not home and stock your fridge for you. Here's how it would work.  You get a special smart lock on your door.  Then you order groceries on and tell them when you want them delivered.  They bring the groceries to your house, and they use a one-time code on your smart lock to get in. They stock your fridge, then they leave and send you a message that they're gone and they locked the door behind them. They're planning to test it out in Silicon Valley first to see if it works . . . but even THEY know it sounds a little strange. A spokesperson from Walmart says, quote, "This may not be for everyone, and certainly not right away."See the full story here


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