The Top Fun Facts About Tacos

Since today is National Taco Day, please enjoy The Top Fun Facts About Tacos.

They're as authentically Mexican as getting drunk at a Dodgers game in a wife-beater.

 Just like that girl you woke up with on Sunday morning, they seemed way more attractive at 3:00 A.M. on Saturday night.

 Chances are very good that Rob Kardashian has a half dozen of them in his pockets as we speak.

 It's actually an ancient dish.  Especially the ones you get at Taco Bell.

 Vegan tacos are every bit as delicious as they sound.

 They're actually responsible for the invention of the disposable wipe.

 Tacos pair well with beer.  Well, beer and despair.

You're not authentically Mexican until you spot the Virgin Mary in one.

People who use a knife and fork to eat a taco are called terrorists.

You can either have them in a soft shell, or rip the inside of your mouth to shreds.

If you eat one any day other than a Tuesday, wild birds will peck out your eyes.

A village in Mexico once made a 246-foot long taco.  But tragically, before Guinness could certify the world record, it was completely devoured by Kevin Smith.

Taco shells can be either soft or hard, depending on how excited they are to see you.

One time, someone ate a taco from Taco Bell that did NOT give them diarrhea.

Taco bowls are Snoop Dogg's second favorite kind of bowl.

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