Happy National Pasta Day...Let's Eat!

Today is National Pasta Day, so hopefully you're carbo-loading for a marathon tomorrow.  Marathons on random Wednesdays in October are totally a thing. Anyway, a website called National Today ran a survey about our pasta eating habits in honor of the day.  And here's what they found . . . 

1.  75% of us eat pasta at least once a week . . . and about 5% eat it DAILY. 

2.  Only 2.8% of us never eat pasta. 

3.  The most popular pasta dish is cavatappi with mussels and fish sauce.  Just kidding.  It's spaghetti, obviously.  

4.  And the most popular sauce is marinara . . . it got 52% of the vote.  Alfredo sauce came in second, at 44%.  

5.  Thanks to that love of Alfredo sauce, two-thirds of people say they'd rather eat fettuccini Alfredo than mac and cheese.  And nine out of ten people prefer lasagna to baked ziti.

 See the full story here... (National Today)

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