The Top Frankenstein Tweets

Since today is National Frankenstein Friday, let's see what the monster is up to with The Top Frankenstein Tweets.

 Today, Bride looked at me, screamed, and said she shoulda swiped left.  #NoRepect

 Townspeople threw me a party last night and it was LIT.  #MonsterMashByTorchlight

 @lids why do you only sell hats for round heads? #SquareHeadShaming

 I'm getting tired of people asking me, "Excuse me, are you Rob Gronkowski?"

 Hey, Hollywood, I have big muscles and can grunt unintelligibly.  Where's MY "Fast and Furious" franchise?

 I don't get it:  people are terrified of a green monster, but put an orange one in the White House?

 Thank God for organ donors.  And limb donors.  And hand donors.  And feet donors . . .

 Wolfman thinks he's the best monster, but won't even show license or tags.  What's he hiding?  Sad.

 Stupid Starbucks barista wrote "Dracula" on my cup.

 What the world needs now isn't love, it's more big and tall shops.

 You ever tried to go through airport security with two-inch metal bolts sticking out of your neck?

 Uh-oh.  The Bride of Frankenstein just found out about The Hooker of Frankenstein.

 Just farted and one of my eyeballs popped out.  Should probably get that looked at.

 Posting my resume on

 Note to self:  Never play hide and seek with the Invisible Man again.

 @kermit the frog:  I can relate.  #NotEasyBeingGreen

 AHH!  Fire emoji bad!

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