Five Things That Always Go on Sale in November

It's November but you don't have to wait until Black Friday to score a good deal this month.  Here are five things that always go on sale in November.

 1.  Halloween costumes and decorations.  The holiday is over, so if you have the space to store stuff until next year, you can score some great savings.

 2.  Cars.  If you're open to buying last year's model, now is the best time to start shopping.  2018 models were introduced a few months ago, so there's increasing pressure on dealerships to make room by the end of the year.

 3.  Groceries.  Grocery stores want you to do your Thanksgiving shopping with them.  So they mark down staples like flour and sugar . . . or even offer free turkeys . . . to get you in the door.

 4.  Kitchen appliances and cookware.  Same as with grocery stores, department stores and places like Bed, Bath & Beyond want to get you in for Thanksgiving shopping, hoping you might also do some Christmas shopping while you're there.

 5.  TVs.  Televisions are always a big deal on Black Friday.  But you can get good deals all month long as retailers try to clear the way for new models.


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