Samuel Adams Just Announced a $199 Beer That's Illegal in 12 States

If you want a beer that's absurdly expensive AND illegal in most of the south, then oh baby, today's your day.

 Samuel Adams just announced they're making a special craft beer called Utopias.  It's 56 PROOF, which makes it just as potent as a lot of hard alcohol.  And a bottle of it will cost you $199.

 But the best part?  Because of that high alcohol content, it's ILLEGAL in 12 states:  Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Idaho, Mississippi, Montana, New Hampshire, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Vermont, and Washington.

 It should go on sale in the other 38 states next month, but it's going to be pretty tough to find . . . they only made 13,000 total bottles, so you may have to call around to find places that are carrying it. 


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