Someone got some serious wood in Austria

Anyone who’s ever wanted to hike the Austrian Alps likely expects to take in breathtaking sights. Between the vegetation, snow, rock formations, and the views – it’s pretty amazing, right? Oh…and…for a limited time only, there’s a giant wooden tribute to the phallus. Yup. Giant penis for all to see.

Who did it? Who knows. But some unknown visionary has erected a gigantic boner 6,200-feet above sea level at the summit of Otscher Peak. The motivation for the stiffy statue isn’t known either, and that’s strange – because you’d think they want the credit. After all, getting this thing up…and at attention…atop the peak was no small feat. Ironically, the big prick is actually man-sized, as in, it’s standing proud at between four and five feet tall.

And not only did the creator drag the thing up there, they propped the pecker up with a large amount of rocks at the base. After all, two large rocks just wasn’t enough to support the ample appendage. Ski lift operators in the area suggest seeing while you can. As amusing as it is, its days are numbered.

See the story, and the pic, here

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