The Top Things Overheard at "The 51st Annual CMA Awards"

"The 51st Annual CMA Awards" were last night.  Get a feel of what it was like with The Top Things Overheard at "The 51st Annual CMA Awards".

 Of all the country music award shows, this is in my top thirty-seven.

 It's OK if Dierks Bentley doesn't win.  He's used to disappointment, considering his parents named him "Dierks."

 What do you mean none of the Brothers Osborne are named Ozzy?

 My favorite Brad Paisley song?  The Nationwide Insurance theme.

Blake Shelton may have gotten snubbed this year, but at least he gets to go home and make love to Adam Levine.

 Is Garth Brooks here yet?  All I see is some guy who looks like he ATE Garth Brooks.

 Wow, there are a lot of Colin Kaepernick supporters here.  Sorry, that's something NOT overheard last night at the "CMA Awards".

 Do you think Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood ever get into an argument over who's prettier?

 You know, I've never seen Darius Rucker and Hootie in the same place at the same time.  I'm starting to get suspicious . . .

 The show doesn't seem quite so long if you're sitting downwind from Willie Nelson.

 Before asking Miranda Lambert if she has any words for Blake Shelton, I recommend putting on Kevlar.

 And now, a moment of silence in memory of the old Taylor.

 Why is Tyler Perry here?  Is he doing research for "Madea Makes Moonshine"?

 Why doesn't Little Big Town just call themselves Medium Town?

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