Scientists have trained a computer to SOLVE CRIMES

This feels like something straight out of science fiction, but it's real:  Scientists at the University of Edinburgh have trained a COMPUTER to SOLVE CRIMES.  And it's really good at it.

 But the way they trained it is the best part:  They had it binge watch "CSI".

 And after 39 episodes, the artificial intelligence started figuring out how to hunt for clues and process them, watch for suspicious body language, and recognize unusual behavior.

 So far, the computer can correctly guess the killer 60% of the time, which is slightly below real detectives . . . they get it 85% of the time.

 But the scientists say with more training, the computer could become almost flawless at its crime solving . . . and then it would be time to see if it could apply those skills in the real world. 

 See the story at (Daily Mail)

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