You'll Need $34,500 to Buy All the Stuff From the "12 Days of Christmas"

posted by Aaron Zytle - 

Somewhere in the world, someone is going to have the bright idea to buy all of the stuff from the "12 Days of Christmas" song.  Not me.  Although I did spend last Christmas giving lots of $1 tips to nine ladies dancing. PNC Financial Services just released their annual breakdown of how much it would cost you to buy everything from the "12 Days of Christmas", from a partridge in a pear tree to 12 drummers drumming.  And the total is . . . $34,558.65.  That's up $195.16 from last year.

None of the 12 things went down in price, but three went up . . . 1.  Pear trees went up 5.2%, and one will cost you $9.96 more this year. 2.  Five gold rings will cost you 10% more this year, $75 extra, or $15 per ring. 3.  And the 10 lords-a-leaping got a 2% raise, up $110.20, or $11.02 more per lord.  The most expensive items on the list are the seven swans-a-swimming.  They'll cost you $13,125, or $1,875 each.  I hope they're tasty for that price.

See the full story at (Penn Live)


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