Male Sex Robots Who Are Good Listeners With Bionic Junk Are Coming Soon

I don't think anyone looks at female SEX ROBOTS and thinks, "Oh, men will pick those over actual women."  But I'm looking at these new MALE sex robots, and I'm not so confident real human men can compete.

There's a company called Realbotix in San Marcos, California that makes extremely sophisticated female sex robots.  See, you don't just get-it-on with these robots . . . they also have artificial intelligence so they can talk and hang out and interact with you.

And now, they're planning to make MALE versions.  And from what I can see, these male sex robots have two major advantages over men . . .

1.  Thanks to the artificial intelligence, they're great listeners.

2.  Bionic penises.

Honestly, I'm not sure which of those qualities is MORE intimidating.

Anyway, Realbotix is planning to release them later this year.  And if the female model is any indication, you should start saving now . . . they can cost around $15,000.

(Daily Mirror)

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