The Six Most Common Drunk Things People Do at Bars

A recent survey asked bartenders how much they deserve to be tipped.  The most common answer was $1 per drink. If you think that seems excessive, just remember their job doesn't ONLY involve pouring drinks for people.  They also have to deal with the consequences of those drinks . . . a.k.a., drunk people.

Here are the six most common drunken behaviors bartenders said they've seen . . . 

1.  Spilling or breaking a glass.  74% of bartenders said they've seen someone do it.  Which actually seems low.
2.  Someone falling over because they were so drunk, 72%. 
3.  Drunken arguments, 72%.
4.  Puking somewhere in the bar, 61%.  It's not clear if that includes the bathroom. 
5.  Getting into a physical fight, 61%.
6.  Passing out in the bar, 48%.  57% of bartenders said they've had to call a cab for someone who was too drunk to drive.  49% have arranged for someone else to take them home.  And 24% have literally had to take a customer's keys away from them.   


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