Driving a Sports Car Is Good For Your Health?

If you've been looking for a reason to get yourself a SWEET sports car instead of something practical . . . here's some great news. 

According to a new study, driving a sports car is really GOOD for your overall well-being.  So yes, it's good for your mental health, emotional health, physical health, and everything in between. 

Why?  It's because, apparently, having super-exciting little moments in your day is great for you.  And when people were driving a fast, powerful car, they had at least two of those moments a day . . . even when they were just doing their regular commute. 

The only thing that provided more of those moments was being on a roller coaster.  But driving the sports car gave people more "buzz" feelings than shopping . . . watching "Game of Thrones" or football . . . kissing . . . dancing . . . or eating. 

Now, there IS one big catch to all of this.  The study was sponsored by Ford, so they definitely have a bias here.  But it was conducted by real doctors and research scientists, so we're choosing to believe it. 

 (The Drive)

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