Valentine’s Day Prep: The Best Sex Toys And Positions For Them

Valentine’s Day’s weeks away, and now’s the time about getting something special for that someone special. Sure…candy and flowers, are nice…but they get eaten and die. Instead, why not thing about something that can rock both your worlds? Even better? The only thing that’ll die will be the batteries.

Check out this list of items you should know about, and how they can be put to the most effective use!

  • Le Wand ($170) – It looks like a karaoke bar microphone, and it’ll keep her singing. Especially, if she uses it to do her magic while she’s on top of you.
  • B-Vibes Novice Plug ($130) – There are tons of nerve endings back there, and this sucker will find every one of them. Just remember, lube’s your friend.
  • Fin By Dame ($75) – All the power contained in just one finger. When’s she’s in a control position, this can be used by either of you to make knees quiver.
  • The Gluvr ($49.95) – It’s a vibe for your fore-finger and thumb that can work wonders in a spooning, cowgirl, or behind position, and it’s rechargeable!
  • Jimmyjane Ascend 1 ($79) – Put this rechargeable beast between the two of you in a missionary position, and then find the perfect spot until you both lose consciousness.

This kind of action goes a lot farther than flowers does. As far as the chocolate, maybe you could incorporate that in the action, too, if you’re feeling extra saucy. Have fun!

Source: Men’s Health

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