The "Big Game" Recipe Each State Is Searching for the Most

posted by Aaron Zytle - 

Someone looked at recipes each state has been searching for in the lead up to the Big Game, and they posted a map of the top search in each state.  Here are four takeaways from it . . .

1.  The four most popular food searches are for chili, wings, sliders, and "sausage cheese balls."  Chili is #1 in Arizona, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Ohio, and Rhode Island.  Wings are #1 in California, Connecticut, Nebraska, and New York . . . 

Sliders or burgers are #1 in Georgia, Missouri, West Virginia, and Wyoming.  And "sausage cheese balls" are #1 in Florida, Nevada, North Carolina, and Texas. 

2.  A surprising number of people will be making SOUP.  In Pennsylvania and Michigan, the top search is potato soup . . . in Oregon, taco soup . . . and in Kansas, dill pickle soup. 

Also, Mississippi's top search is beef stew.  So that means the top search in ten states is either a soup, stew, or chili.  Who knew? 

3.  Various dips were popular in seven states.  In Massachusetts and Montana, buffalo chicken dip . . . in Maine, clam dip . . . in Arkansas, queso . . . in New Mexico, seven-layer dip . . . in Tennessee, skillet dips . . . and in Washington, jalapeƱo popper dip. 

4.  And a few of the LAMER searches include Chex mix in Illinois . . . hummus in South Dakota . . . deviled eggs in Virginia . . . and bruschetta in Vermont. 

 (General Mills)


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