New Food Alert!

Apparently, Ruffles just released a brand new flavor . . . "Mozzarella and Marinara."  In other words, they made mozzarella stick-flavored potato chips. They're SO new that they're not even on Ruffles' official website yet, and we're not sure which grocery stores are going to carry them . . . but maybe they're worth hunting for.  

(Junk Food Aisle

Dogfish Head Brewery in Delaware just released a new beer called In Your Mace, which . . . yes . . . is flavored with MACE.  It's a coffee milk stout that uses the chili oil that powers the Mace self-defense spray. The people at Dogfish say the beer's flavor is, quote, "spicy nutmeg, anise, and espresso with a palate-warming chili spiced finish."  If you're interested, they're making a limited run of bottles to sell.  


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