2018's Ten Best States to Live In

"U.S. News & World Report" just released its second annual list of the "Best States" to live in.  They rank them by looking at 75 different stats . . . everything from quality of life and crime, to healthcare and jobs. 

You wouldn't think TOO much could change in a year, but apparently it can.  Massachusetts was #1 last year but fell to #8.  And Iowa jumped from the 6th spot to snag the TOP ranking this year. 

The ten "Best States" overall this year are Iowa . . . Minnesota . . . Utah . . . North Dakota . . . New Hampshire . . . Washington . . . Nebraska . . . Massachusetts . . . Vermont . . . and Colorado. 

Nebraska is the only state that wasn't in the top ten last year.  Maryland is the only one that dropped OUT of the top ten.  It's 13th this time. 

The BOTTOM five states are Louisiana, Mississippi, New Mexico, West Virginia, and Alabama. 

If you just care about the economy and jobs, the top states to be in are Colorado, Utah, Washington, California, and Florida. 

And the top five states for quality of life are North Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, New Hampshire, and South Dakota.  

(US News & World Report)

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