Police Looking For “Volunteer Drinkers”... Know Anybody?

The Vancouver Police Department is looking for volunteers to get drunk and eat pizza on their dime. The department sent out notices to select members of its Block Watch neighborhood watch program. It asked for 10 “volunteer drinkers” to go down to the police station and kick back a few drinks. The purpose is to train rookie cops how to conduct sobriety tests.

A few things need to be in place before you volunteer. You can’t be on any medication that can’t be mixed with alcohol and you have to sign a waiver promising not to drive the rest of the day.

Volunteers get to choose which hard liquor and mixer they prefer, but don’t expect any wine or beer. Lastly, police ask that volunteers act “in a respectful manner” while at the police station. All volunteers will be driven home at 4 PM, oh and don't forget the free pizza!

Source: CTV News

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