The Most Popular Jelly Bean Flavors By State. . .

I always thought buttered popcorn jelly beans were super polarizing . . . some people think the flavor is amazing, some people think it's terrible.  But apparently, there are a lot more people in column A than column B. ran a survey on jelly bean flavors and analyzed their sales data for the past decade, and when all the numbers were in, they found THE most popular flavor of jelly beans is buttered popcorn. 

And if you think THAT'S weird, number two is black licorice. 

The rest of the 10 most popular flavors are:  Cinnamon . . . watermelon . . . cherry . . . pear . . . orange . . . green apple . . . toasted marshmallow . . . and coconut. 

Their study also found the most popular jelly bean flavor in every state.  Buttered popcorn won 11 states, including a lot of the biggest ones:  California, Texas, and New York. 


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