Here are the worst things you can wear on a date

Good news, bro:  Apparently next time you have a date, you can wear that HI-LARIOUS shirt you got for St. Patrick's Day that says "Drunk Me I'm Kiss."  Just make sure you iron it first.

A new survey asked single people to name the WORST things to wear on a date.  Here's the top 10 . . . 

1.  Wrinkled clothes.  66% say it's a big turnoff. 

2.  Socks with sandals, 55%. 

3.  Crocs, 53%. 

4.  Baggy clothes, 50%. 

5.  Granny panties or other unattractive underwear, 45%. 

6.  Board shorts, 45%. 

7.  Clothes that are "too young" for your age, 44%. 

8.  Pants that are too short or long, 39%. 

9.  Low-rise pants, 38%.

 10.  Super tight shirts, 34%. 


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