You Broke? Move to One of the 10 Cheapest Cities in America

So it's looking like you're probably not going to suddenly get super rich one day.  But that's okay.  Instead, you can just FEEL rich . . . by moving somewhere that's way cheaper. 

A new study found the 10 CHEAPEST cities in America, based entirely on their cost of living.  And here are the results . . . 

1.  McAllen, Texas. 

2.  Conway, Arkansas. 

3.  Harlingen, Texas. 

4.  Kalamazoo, Michigan. 

5.  Wichita Falls, Texas. 

6.  Knoxville, Tennessee. 

7.  Memphis. 

8.  Jonesboro, Arkansas. 

9.  Oklahoma City. 

10.  Brownsville, Texas.  


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