Computer Viruses Have Dipped 17% Since the Start of Lent

I guess this proves some people really do give up stuff for Lent.  They don't just SAY they will, then forget about it two days later . . . 

A company called Enigma makes the popular computer virus software SpyHunter.  And since the start of Lent last month, they've seen a 17% drop in malware infections . . . partly because people are watching less PORN. 

It's also because people give up things like social media.  So less porn isn't the only reason we're getting fewer viruses.  But apparently it's one of the MAIN reasons. 

The was also a 14% drop in malware last year during Lent.  And that's just the national average. 

Cities with large Catholic populations have seen an even bigger drop in computer viruses over the past month. 

Pittsburgh has had the biggest drop at 38%, followed by Boston, 36% . . . New York, 31% . . . Chicago, 23% . . . and L.A., also 23%. 

Lent started on February 14th, and ends a week from today.  

(Enigma Software)

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