How Much Poop Will You Produce in Your Entire Life?

posted by Aaron Zytle -

Let's say you didn't have a toilet.  And every day, you just did your business in the backyard . . . and never got rid of what you produced.  I guess in this scenario you'd also need to not have a sense of smell.  But anyway . . . How much poop will you produce in your life? Scientists actually have an estimate for you.  Here are the numbers . . .

 1.  On the average day, you eliminate about 14 ounces of feces. 

2.  That adds up to about 312 pounds a year. 

3.  So by the time you're 21, you'll have produced over three tons. 

4.  If you're a man, with a life expectancy of 76, you'll produce 24,320 POUNDS of poop . . . that's 12 tons, or the weight of approximately two elephants. 

5.  If you're a woman, with a life expectancy of 81, you'll produce 25,920 POUNDS . . . so almost one ton more than men.

 Oh . . . and if you add up ALL of the feces produced by people in the world every year, it adds up to 640 billion pounds.   




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