20% of Us Have Peed in a Pool . . . 10% Have Peed in Someone Else's Sink

 Have you ever used a handicapped stall in a public bathroom?  According to a new survey, 77% of us have done it.  Here are ten more places people said they've peed.  And it didn't count if they did it as a kid.  They had to be an adult . . . 

1.  Outdoors in a rural area, like the woods or a field.  68% said they have peed there. 

2.  Outdoors in an urban area, like an alleyway, or against a building, 29%. 

3.  In the shower, 54%.  Seems low. 

4.  In the ocean, 48%. 

5.  In a public bathroom for the opposite sex, 38%. 

6.  In a bathtub, 22%.

 7.  In a bottle, 21%.  37% of men and 6% of women said yes to that one. 

8.  In a swimming pool, 20% said yes.  Remember, this is as an ADULT. 

9.  In a sink in your own home, 12%.  5% of women said yes to that one. 

10.  In someone ELSE'S sink, 10%.  That includes 17% of guys and 4% of women. 

The survey also found 48% of women think their bathrooms should have more toilets than men's rooms, because it takes longer to go.  And 25% of guys agreed.  Only 2% of men and 1% of women said men should get more toilets than women.  


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