The Secret to Happiness Is . . . Going on the Internet Every Day?

If someone asked you, "Does the Internet make you happier or miserable?" . . . you'd probably say, "Oh, miserable, definitely."  I mean, that's what I'd say. But apparently we're WRONG . . . at least according to a new study.  

Researchers at the University of Oslo in Norway studied more than 100,000 people, and they found that the secret to happiness is using the Internet every day.  

It's especially true as you get older . . . they found that people who went online every day got over their midlife crisis faster, felt more connected to the world and their friends, and felt like they had enough information to make better life decisions. 

Now, obviously, this study basically contradicts a bunch of other studies . . . and conventional wisdom . . . that says the Internet and especially social media are really bumming us all out. 

Why did these researchers find something different?  We're not sure. 

Our best guess is they took a "bigger picture" look at the Internet . . . like, someone's Facebook post may bum you out, but in general, not having the Internet at all would make your life significantly worse.  

(Daily Mail)

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