The Best Way to Overcome Embarrassment From Passing Gas

A new study out of Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh figured out the best way to get over your embarrassment when you PASS GAS in public. 

The researchers found that when you break wind, instead of focusing on YOUR feelings, try to put yourself in everyone else's shoes. 

Sure, they're grossed out by the smell, but they also feel EMPATHY toward you since they know how humiliating it is to be the one who "dealt it." 

So when you focus on what they're thinking, and how they're probably sympathetic toward you, you'll get over your embarrassment quicker. 

The researchers say that technique also works on other embarrassing public situations, too . . . but come on, the only reason they hooked me was I saw the word "farts" in a scientific study and I was suddenly, deeply interested.  


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