Free Pepperoni Lipstick For National Kissing Day

National Kissing Day is Friday, April 13, and to celebrate the special day, Villa Italian Kitchen is offering up something they think will make smooching that much better: Pepperoni pizza-flavored lipstick. We know, it sounds like a belated April Fool’s joke, but the folks at “Allure” magazine confirm that Pepperoni Pucker, the meaty, cheesy lipstick, is actually a real thing.

“Our guests are always complimenting our pepperoni pizza, so creating a way for diehard fans to take the flavor with them and taste it whenever they want seemed like a perfect fit,” Mimi Wunderlich, director of communications and digital marketing for Villa Italian Kitchen says in a statement.

Villa Italian Kitchen, the pizza company chain that’s in mall food courts all over the country, reports that the lipstick is a “universally flattering” shade of red that’s fortified with vitamins to keep your lips hydrated and in “optimal kissing condition.” And of course, the lipstick is flavored with the “essence” of the restaurant’s pepperoni pizza.

Want to get your hands on a tube of this pizza lipstick? Check out how on Pepperoni Pucker's website and they’ll even give you a free slice for entering.

Source: Allure

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