How To Get Healthier When You Hate Working Out

Hitting the gym and eating salads every day would definitely kick up your healthy routine, but here are a few ways you can still improve your health while still enjoying the comfort of your couch.

  • Hydrate - Stay healthy the lazy way by drinking more water. It helps with digestion, leaves you with glowing skin, helps flush toxins, and you’re probably not drinking enough.
  • Meatless Monday - No one expects you to become a hardcore vegan, but skipping meat one day of the week is an easy way to be healthier. You might find you like vegetarian food so much you expand to more meatless meals.
  • Walk and talk - If you’re not getting your 10,000 steps a day in, start taking calls while walking or meet your friends for a stroll and a catch up instead of meeting over drinks or coffee. Or at least walk to brunch, which counts too.
  • Eat half - Portion sizes are out of control, so save half of your meal and wait half an hour. If you’re still hungry after the first serving, go back for the rest.
  • Keep a food journal - When it’s all written down, it’s easy to see where your bad habits are and where you can make improvements in your diet.
  • Learn to love smoothies - You can pack tons of greens in a smoothie, and when you add nuts, some berries, almond milk or coconut water, and half a banana and you’ve got a healthy meal replacement.
  • Small swaps - You don’t have to give up wine or cheese, just make healthy substitutions. Trade your diet soda for a seltzer, use unrefined coconut sugar instead of regular white sugar, and sub your regular peanut butter for natural raw almond butter.

Source: The Every Girl