Confirmed! Men Really Do Think They Are Smarter Than Everyone Else

A study out of Arizona State University quizzed college biology students about their intelligence as compared to others and seems to prove that men are more arrogant when it comes to their intelligence, and think they are smarter than their peers even when they aren’t.

Students in the class were asked to compare their own intelligence to others in the class, and to those they worked closely with. What researchers found was that despite having the same 3.3 grade point average, a male is likely to say he’s smarter than 66% of the class, while a female student will only say they are smarter than 54% of the class.

  • And that's not it. When comparing themselves to someone they work closely with in class, male students are 3-point-2 times more likely than females to believe they are smarter than that person, whether the colleague is male or female. 

Source: Daily Mail

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