"USA Today's" Annual "Save Our Shows" Survey is Up

 "USA Today" has released some early results from their annual 'Save Over Shows' survey, which lets people voice their support for shows that may be in danger of being canceled. 

The survey is a week in, and they've already received over 100,000 votes, spread among 30 shows that are supposedly "on the bubble." 

They haven't released any actual numbers yet, but they say three dramas have emerged as favorites:  "Designated Survivor", "The Blacklist", and "Timeless"

"Timeless" actually WON last year's poll, but then it was canceled by NBC.  They later changed their minds and renewed it . . . saying that the "USA Today" survey was one of the reasons they had a change of heart. 

Some of the other shows on this year's list include:  "A.P. Bio", "Brooklyn Nine-Nine", "Criminal Minds", "Fresh Off the Boat", "Kevin Can Wait", "Quantico", "Scorpion", "The 100", and "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D."

Voting is still open, so if there's a show you REALLY feel the need to speak up for, hit up USAToday.com and fill out the survey.  It also includes comment sections for you to argue your case.

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