Baseball’s Most Memorable Bench-Clearing Brawls

Baseball fans across the land know that it didn’t even take two weeks before we were delivered our first double-bench clearing brawl day. First, Wednesday saw the bean-ball-battle that ensued between the Rockies and Padres. Then, we got seconds with the bad-blood boiling over between the Yankees and Red Sox.

That led the self-appointed baseball fight historians to take a look back and rate the greatest MLB bench-clearers of all time. Brace yourselves baseball fans because here we go.

10 Orioles/Mariners (93) – Went on forever with a dirt-kicking Lou Pinella.

A’s/Tigers (72) – This one brought bats to the party.

8 White Sox/Cubs (06) – A.J. Pierzynski was the true star here.

Dodgers/Diamondbacks (13) – Highlighted by Vin Scully’s lip-reading.

6 Yankees/Red Sox (03) – ACLS and feature Don Zimmer body-slammed

by Pedro Martinez – classy!

Rangers/Blue Jays (16) – Featured one of the best punches in the sport.

4 Yankees/Orioles (98) – The Orioles go for the time-length record again.

Padres/Braves (84) – 15 ejections mean you’re doing something right.

2 Yankees/Red Sox (73) – Bill Lee went on the DL during this rivalry melee.

Rangers/White Sox (83) – Nolan Ryan takes Robin Ventura to school.

Taking a closer look at this list, it kind of makes you wonder why there’s so much venom and tension brewing-up in the American League – aside from the obvious hatred between the Yankees and the Red Sox.

Source: Maxim

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