The Votes Are in: Heinz's Ketchup-Mayo Combo Is Coming to America 

Wow, you guys are WAY more passionate about mass-produced dipping sauces than I thought.

 Last week, Heinz put up a Twitter poll asking if they should bring their "Mayochup" sauce to America.  They sell a hybrid of ketchup and mayo in the Middle East, but they've never sold it over here.

 And even though we already HAVE ketchup-mayo sauces, like Fry Sauce and Thousand Island, Heinz got the votes.  After five days, over 500,000 people voted that they want it . . . so the sauce is coming to America.  There's no word when it could hit stores. 


M&M's Newest Flavor Is . . . Orange Creamsicle?

 You know, just because a flavor of something CAN exist, that doesn't mean it SHOULD exist.

 M&M's newest flavor is . . . ORANGE CREAMSICLE.  Well, technically they're called Orange Vanilla Cream, but you know what they're going for.  They're a mix of white chocolate, orange, and cream flavors, and they're only on sale at Dollar General stores.

 Are they any good?  It sure doesn't sound like it on paper.  But according to one review we saw online, they're surprisingly good.  I guess. 


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