The Top Marijuana Fun Facts

In honor of today being 4/20 Day . . . check out this list of The Top Marijuana Fun Facts

Couples who smoke together are less likely to experience domestic violence, or be annoyed by Seth Rogen's laugh. 

In Oregon, it's illegal NOT to smoke it. 

The high is so much better when someone else paid for it. 

People who sell it always wear shark teeth around their neck. 

It's being investigated as a treatment for diabetes . . . which I have just decided I have. 

You can get a contact high from it just flying over Jamaica. 

Without it, "SpongeBob" would've been cancelled in 2002. 

You'll never overdose on it . . . but it can make you violently ill by convincing you that putting pork rinds on your anchovy pizza is a good idea. 

No one has ever been caught by the cops or their parents with THEIR OWN weed in their pocket. 

The official name for it is "cannabis."  The official name for people who smoke it are "snowboarders." 

William Shakespeare smoked pot.  We know this by his famous line, "Doobie, or not doobie, that is the question." 

It's the reason you blew $8,000 on Girl Scout cookies. 

In addition to treating pain and relieving stress, marijuana also gives you something to discuss at Thanksgiving with that weird uncle who lives in a van. 

Pot is legal in North Korea.  And evidently, no one there smokes more than Kim Jong-Un's barber. 

Every time a vape pen lights up, an angel gets a barbed wire tattoo. 

Today's kids don't understand the struggle of being high A.F. and having to order a pizza on a ROTARY phone. 

Mexico grows the most weed in the world.  So they could pay for the border wall in dime bags. 

To be honest, when you're high, every fact is a fun fact. 

It's now legal in more places than Keith Richards' blood. 

When they legalize it nationwide, Betty Crocker's gonna have a serious product rollout. 

If you smoke enough of it, you can actually convince yourself there's nothing wrong with a 45-year-old living in his mom's basement. 

George Washington grew pot.  Which is why he was Barack Obama's favorite president. 

9% of marijuana users become addicted to cannabis.  But 100% of marijuana users become addicted to sweet jams at Phish concerts. 

Obesity rates are 33% lower in cannabis users, but only because they sometimes get the munchies and then forget to eat. 

If you remember anything from this list, you don't smoke it.

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