Parents Are Hiring Homework Therapists Now

We rely on financial therapists and family assistants, like sitters and nannies, to help us get through life, but we had no idea homework therapists were a thing. But it turns out, these mental health experts/tutor hybrids are here to help parents cope with Common Core curriculum and stop the screaming matches with their second graders over homework. And who wouldn’t want that.

Homework therapists are often clinical psychologists who help ease students’ anxiety using things like mindfulness breathing techniques and lavender-scented “stress dough” while helping them focus on tasks for class. Their background in therapy helps students with social and emotional situations while lowering stress to help boost academic performance.

Sounds great, right? Except paying for a service like this could be tough: some professional homework therapists charge up to $600 an hour. Lots of students could benefit from help with organizational and time management skills and test anxiety, but not many parents have room in their budgets for the expense.

Source: PureWow

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