A bartender shares how he gets you to order another round.

Sometimes we stop to meet a friend for a drink and before we know it, we’re ordering a third or possibly a fourth cocktail. We’ve all been there and sure, we’re all responsible for ourselves, but bartenders do have some tricks up their sleeves to keep us drinking at their bar. Here’s how they get us to order another round, and maybe even another after that, according to an actual bartender.

  • He makes you one as a demo - If you’re drinking wine at a craft cocktail bar and the bartender shakes up a mixed drink and garnishes it with a fresh orange peel and an orchid flower, you probably think THAT’sthe next drink you want. “If I want to sell extra cocktails, all I usually have to do is make one for people to see,” admits Josh Cameron, the head bartender at New York’s Boulton & Watt.
  • He’ll ask if you want a refill with a bottle in hand - Cameron points out that if he approaches a patron while holding a bottle ready to pour, customers are more likely to order more.
  • He uses Instagram to lure you in - “Sexy” images sell drinks, according to Cameron. So bartenders who want to lure us in know the right lighting and angles to use to make the images of the cocktails look more appealing.

Source: Food and Wine