Bottom’s up while your ass is up!

Having a nice combination of physical and mental health is important for any guy’s happiness. In Australia, some men are turning to what’s being called “Broga.” That would be the magical combination of yoga…and beer.

Nim Rotenberg’s a yoga instructor who came up with the concept of Broga to help guys “loosen up” and become open to the idea. He thought “a couple of frothies” would help guys be more open to doing the poses, and then be readier to open-up those tight hamstrings.

Rotenberg says that the guys that take his class tend to be the one’s willing to give new things a go. In turn, they become chattier with one another, and that gives way to better mental health as well as the physical benefits. Right now, his classes are free-of-charge, but those who show up are encouraged to make a modest donation to a local mental health charity for the effort. Only time will tell of Broga makes its way across the ocean to our part of the world.

“Broga’s” just the beginning. What other activities would you combine with beer and what would you call it? (Broxing? Brestling? Brurch?)

Source: News 9 Australia

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