Men Don’t Necessarily Like Women "Bare Down There"

There are plenty of women out there who endure the pain of a bikini wax, or worse, a Brazilian, to please their fella,  but do men really like it when gals go bare down there? Well, a new survey suggests not really.

A British poll by the grooming brand Manscape, which could easily translate here, finds that 63% of men prefer a “natural-looking” woman, or one with “a bit of hair but not too much” in their nether regions. What’s more, only 20% of men say “the very thought of any body hair on a woman turns me off completely.”

And it turns out there are some men who are concerned about pleasing their partners when it comes to their hair down there. In fact, 20% say they would tend to their “gentleman garden” to make their partner happy, while 25% would trim their fuzz, and 10% would actually take it all off, aka the “Brozillian.”

Source: The Sun

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