Ketel One Makes “Diet Vodka” Now

These days “mindful drinking” is trending and that means business hasn’t been so good for vodka companies, except for Tito’s. But Ketel One has announced their plan to appeal to more health-oriented drinkers, by selling something like "diet vodka."

The company is debuting Ketel One Botanical, which is only 30% alcohol by volume, compared to 40% in their standard vodka. It comes in three flavors: cucumber and mint, peach and orange blossom, and grapefruit and rose, which all sound perfect for summer sipping. Plus, these varieties only have 73 calories in a 1.5-ounce shot, which is less than a regular shot of vodka, or a five-ounce glass of white wine.

Ironically, Ketel One Botanical can’t technically be called vodka because U.S. and EU rules require distilled spirits have to be 40% alcohol by volume to qualify as vodka, so they’ll have to say this stuff is simply “made with vodka.”

Source: Extra Crispy

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