What Happens When You Eat Nothing But Bugs For A Week?

Have you ever heard of “entomophagy?” It’s what food scientists call the “practice of eating insects.” They say that a diet rich in bugs would give our natural resources a rest, while providing the body with the same proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. Yummy. One enterprising reporter named Angela Skujins decided to put the diet to the test…for one week.

First, she went to an online store called Edible Insects and bought a treasure-trove of creepy-crawly goodies to chow down on like basil-flavored grasshoppers, cricket protein powder, edible tarantulas, worms, ants, and other goodies. Then, it was time to get to work. Here are some discoveries:

  • Monday – Crickets taste like “dirt” and, in a stir-fry, maggots “kind of taste like caramel popcorn.”
  • Tuesday – A “Bhudda Bowl” with the “nutty flavor of crickets” blended with macadamia Hummus was quite delicious. Beer-battered tarantulas had a “leathery and chewy” texture, but were “undeniably gourmet.”
  • Wednesday – Angela could only stomach half of her “Greensect” smoothie with spirulina and cinnamon. Half of a “critter Quarter Pounder” went down before a “sick” feeling set in and the “cricket fritters” weren’t much better.
  • Thursday – A “surge of pride” set in downing some black ants and Vegemite smeared on toast.
  • Friday – Quotes from the food diary include “I hate everyone” and “I wish I was dead.” Starvation mode had set in which resulted in a visit to the doctor.
  • Saturday – A scorpion-lollipop was the perfect way to cheer up. She rang in the evening with friends with spaghetti topped with a “larvae-laced tomato sauce.” Her friends had regular sauce, of course.
  • Sunday – She kicked off the morning with some “banana bug pancakes” while thinking about the week she’d endured…and hated them. Then, she went to plain old peanut butter on toast.

Bugs may be the meal of the future…but for right now, they suck.

Source: Vice

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